A LinkedIn member posed the following question:

What’s the best way to show ordinary people the value of legal services for such things as getting a will done, reviewing contracts, etc.? That lawyers aren’t just for people who are doing something wrong?

 The best way to show “ordinary” ( and by this I guess you mean people who are not wealthy) people the value of legal services is to develop a caring and trusting relationship with them. Clients need to know that their attorney is truly interested in their current legal problem. An attorney needs to listen very carefully to their clients legal problems and concerns. Once the attorney has developed and is sure of facts involved, he or she can then apply the relevant legal principles to the client’s situation. An attorney must educate the client and take the time to explain the legal choices or strategies available making sure the client truly understands the legal options available.

Conclusion and Key Points: Listen carefully and be sure of the facts. Be compassionate and understanding. Educate clients as to their legal options. I have found that from my 30 years of legal practice, in most cases, if these key elements are utilized the client will recognize the legal course of action that is in their best interest and will understand (and perhpas appreciate) the value of the legal services provided to them.”


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