Estate Planning 2013: Now What? A Must Read For Everyone

On Thanksgiving when you look around the room at your loved ones, think about whether they are legally protected with an estate plan that works to protect them and minimize taxes when you were gone.

Estate Planning 2013: Now What? A Must Read For Everyone.


6 responses to “Estate Planning 2013: Now What? A Must Read For Everyone

  1. Nice article, i will share this with my friends


  2. Nice Post. Check out our post recent post about how the inflation adjustments that will occur in 2014:


    • Bill, thanks for stopping by and adding your post concerning adjustments to tax code limitations. Readers should note that the estate tax exemption will be $5,340,000 next year. I just had a new client come in and this adjustment put her right under the exemption amount for next year. However, she must live until January 1 to take advantage of this increased exemption.
      Also note that the annual donee exclusion remains at $14,000.


  3. Steven – While researching an article for my blog, I discovered the depth of financial elder abuse. Some of the information came from the FBI website. I want to get involved on a pro bono basis in helping people in my community and my state avoid being victimized by family and caregivers. Even fiduciaries are guilty of this (really they are just crooks/con-men). Any suggestions as to where to begin?


    • Judith, this is a real problem and as you have found out more widespread than we know. I see it and hear it from the phone calls I get from those family members who have been taken advantage of or bullied by other family members. This is one of the reasons why my article was posted and the reminder given during the holidays. Many of these abuses arise because people fail to have a will, trust, estate plan. In some cases where they do have a will they fail to get advice on choosing the appropriate executor or trustee. The family suffers accordingly.
      As to where to begin, you may want to check with the AICPA and your state CPA society for groups that are involved with this problem and perhaps working with the bar associations of the state or locale. Getting the word out is so important and you are to be commended in spotting this problem and doing something about it.
      Thanks for the great comment and please add your email on the right hand column subscription block so you can get tax and estate alerts when they are published.


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